Spring Park – grassy areas and play facilities beside the community centre

Spring Park satellite photo from Google Maps
Spring Park satellite photo from Google Maps

Why write this article?

At our recent Community Forum the question of play facilities came up, and it soon became clear that while several people had some idea of what was available, we could not find a coherent, comprehensive list of everything. It was also clear that while we would ideally like a very great many facilities to be provided on the estate, that would simply not be possible. So we are beginning to catalogue some of the nearby opportunities for play.

What is Spring Park?

Spring Park is an area within Woodberry Down surrounded by a range of new buildings. Included within it are areas of grassed open space and children’s play facilities.

Hackney describes it as being part of Woodberry Down Park, which is essentially the walkway along the New River.

The paly park has swings, slides, table tennis and a small amphitheatre.

The Park looks good even in the rain, and is soon to be supplemented by an all weather football pitch.

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