The Skate Plaza in Finsbury Park

A busy Finsbury Park Skate Plaza courtesy of @finsburypark_skateplaza
A busy Finsbury Park Skate Plaza courtesy of @finsburypark_skateplaza

Why write this article?

At our recent Community Forum the question of play facilities came up, and it soon became clear that while several people had some idea of what was available, we could not find a coherent, comprehensive list of everything. It was also clear that while we would ideally like a very great many facilities to be provided on the estate, that would simply not be possible. So we are beginning to catalogue some of the nearby opportunities for play.

What is the Skate Plaza

Finsbury Park has long had a skatepark located next to the tennis courts in Finsbury Park, which is simple, and nicely designed in concrete. It features two bowls, one with rounded banks and quarter pipes with a hubba and fun box along the middle. The other shallower bowl is smaller with a tall extension.

The plaza, which features moveable skate obstacles including kickers, manual pad, kerb and wallie rail, will also be suitable for other wheeled activities such as roller-skating, rollerblading and entry level cycling and skating. Its formal opening will be on 28th May 2024 at 2pm.

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