The Castle Climbing Centre

Castle Climbing Centre as it appears on their website
Castle Climbing Centre as it appears on their website

Why write this article?

At our recent Community Forum the question of play facilities came up, and it soon became clear that while several people had some idea of what was available, we could not find a coherent, comprehensive list of everything. It was also clear that while we would ideally like a very great many facilities to be provided on the estate, that would simply not be possible. So we are beginning to catalogue some of the nearby opportunities for play, leisure, sports and community.

Quite stunning re-use of a Grade II* Listed Building

It is clear from the outside that this is an extraordinary building, but the extent of the climbing facilities inside takes the breath away

Built between 1852 and 1856, the building was redundant for water processing by 1971. Of course there were proposals to demolish it and redevelop the site, but public pressure won and it re-opened as a climbing centre in 1995.

What goes on inside

Climbing, obviously, but far more than we can describe here. To discover more take a look at the Castle’s own website.

And there is a splendid garden given over to producing food.

For those of us who live in flats and miss our gardens there is an opportunity to volunteer in the garden

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