Open Actions and their latest Statuses

Action ID Action Name / Number Action Status Status Updated Status Update Expected Completion Date
14Community Forum / 220501Update 052024-02-15No progress updates in December, January or FebruaryJuly 2023
12District Heat Network / 240100Update 012024-02-15The Council is still reviewing the draft feasibility study prepared by Arup. An update will be brought to the DHN Working Group as soon as possible. February 2024
10Masterplan meeting with Guy Nicholson / 231101Update 022024-02-15A response will be provided wk/c 19th FebruaryJanuary 2024
3Rodents/pest control strategy / 230600Update 042024-02-15In progress - a meeting will be arranged with the Vermin Group.December 2023
9Service Charge / 231100Update 022024-02-15James Glass (Director of Places & Estates) has spoken to Omar on the phone twice in recent weeks to dicsuss service charge progress and other subjects. This action can be closed.November 2023
13The windows in Residence Tower / 220500Update 062024-02-15The interim remedial work to the previously locked off KSS1 windows is complete insofar as possible. A further update will be provided once we have our consultant’s advice on any other recommended measures to further enhance the performance, operation and use of the KSS1 windowsJune 2022 Board